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Cliff Notes

Cliff Notes

Chapter Nine - The Golden Telescope


It was cold and windy where they landed. The sky was dark, lit only by a million stars shining brightly above them. The grass under Edward’s feet was moist and dense, and he could smell salt in the air. The sound of waves crashing against rock could be heard in the distance, muffled but intense.

The Cliffs of Moher.

Though several hours from his home at Mac Paidin Manor, Edward had visited them many times throughout his lifetime. The drive along the western coast of Ireland was one of his favorites. He was familiar enough with them to know that they rise more than 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, far below, standing like a vertical wall of stone against the vast expanse of deep, icy blue water at their base.

There could only be one purpose for which his daughter had transported him to this location on this evening. And Edward was well aware of her intent.

Dressed sparsely in his smoking jacket, lounge pants, and slippers, Edward was not well protected from the elements in this environment.

And he had no hat to cover his nearly naked head.

“No ceremony or sentiment necessary; let’s get it over with,” Inez spoke the words flatly and without emotion. “Take him to the edge,” she commanded her men. Each pulled a small flashlight from their gear and flicked them on as they grabbed hold of Edward and roughly shoved him toward the sound of the waves.

“You don’t have to do this, Inez,” Edward said weakly. He expected anything he said to her now was pointless and would fall on deaf ears. But he had to hold onto a glimmer of hope that maybe he could touch a part buried somewhere deep inside her, the little girl she had once been. And if he could reach that small child, then perhaps…

“I’m still trying, desperately, to find your mother,” he continued, “my heart aches for her. Don’t you know that? If you kill me, your chances of locating her are next to none. I know you’re angry, Inez. But if we work together…”

“Shut up, old man. You’ve outlived your usefulness. You alone are to blame for her disappearance. And now you are going to pay the price. I have taken things into my own hands. And I will not allow you to interfere any longer. You should have listened when you had the chance. I did give you fair warning.”

The four henchmen had shoved Edward as close to the edge of the cliffs as they dared. Two stood on either side of the older gentleman, gripping his arms tightly, each looking nervously over their shoulders, acutely aware of the precipice upon which they were dangerously perched.

Inez suddenly and without warning raised both her hands and, shouting a command, pushed forcefully forward in Edward’s direction. A vibrant beam of solid light emitted from her hands and struck him directly in the chest, propelling him and two of the men holding him over the edge and into midair, rushing down, down, down toward the crashing waves and rocky surf below.

The two remaining men quickly dashed back from the ledge, staring in horror at their mistress.

“Collateral damage,” she stated.

Turning abruptly, she spoke a word, materializing the portal once again. “Coming?” she asked, over her shoulder in their direction, before stepping into the opening and vanishing from sight.

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Tracy Thinks
You Don't Know Jack
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