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OMG! My First Audiobook is LIVE!

OMG! My First Audiobook is LIVE!

The Golden Telescope - Book One in my Jack and the Magic Hat Maker series

After nearly a year in production and two different narrators, the audiobook version of The Golden Telescope - Book One in my Middle-Grade fantasy series: Jack and the Magic Hat Maker, is finally LIVE on Audible!

I’m so excited; I can hardly contain myself!

My new narrator, Nikki Jay, is from the United Kingdom (UK), so her natural ability to voice British and Irish accents lends perfectly to her performance of several key characters in the story. Sir Edward, Inez, and Clara are all voiced with lovely Irish accents, while Arthur, the butler, exudes a distinctly formal British speaking style.

Even though she lives ‘across the pond,’ Nikki has a fantastic grasp of what a natural American kid’s voice should sound like. And she performs both Jack and Bart’s characters with wonderful individuality and personality.

I’m providing the same audio sample in this post, as you’ll find on the retail page at Audible/Amazon. I chose this segment because it offers a good feel for her performance of both boys, as well as giving insight into one of the story’s key scenes.

Nikki has performed on several other audiobooks but has yet to really ‘break out’ with a blockbuster success. I hope you’ll help me promote her unique talent by sharing this audiobook with your circle of friends and family.

Awesome Book
This book is not just for children! I loved it, and I am 62 years old. Of-course I loved all the Harry Potter books too. I would put this book up there with Rowling and Riordan, who I have also read. But trust me, this is not a second hand remake of those classics. The story is original and exciting. Action, adventure, and mystery with a strong paranormal bent. Great book. ~Rhonda Jones


Book Two - The Kidnappping King - Audiobook Already In Production

I’m thrilled to announce that Nikki has agreed to perform the rest of the books in this series! And there’s no holding her back! She and her producer, Ashley, have already recorded the first eight (8) chapters of the second book in the series, The Kidnapping King. We expect to have the audiobook completed and available for purchase by mid-June. And then it’s on to Book Three: The Magical Legacy!

Writing Update

Meanwhile, I’ve been busily working on the last bits of Book Four in the series, The Risky Reunion. The ebook is currently available for Pre-Order on Amazon, and will be automatically delivered to purchaser inboxes when it publishes on Sunday, May 28th.

This fourth book has been coming out of me, kicking and screaming. Ok, not literally. But I started writing it BEFORE our exodus from Oregon to Texas last year. And in all the upheaval, it’s just been really challenging to get myself back into the writing mode.

But I’m on a roll now, and it WILL be finished and uploaded for delivery before the deadline.

This book has some exciting twists and turns even I didn’t anticipate, which is always the fun part of writing fiction for me!


Other Projects

A non-related, non-fiction writing project I completed is JOB ONE: Stay Out of the Hospital—a health and wellness guide to help people live their best lives. If you’d like to learn more about that book and my background in diet and nutrition, you can view the book and its description HERE.

Ok, that’s enough about my writing adventures!

Enjoy my audiobook sample. And please do let me know what you think! I LOVE to hear your feedback!

Next Up - A Pyrography Update. Stay Tuned.

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